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All You Need to Know About Your Diamond’s GemEx Report

Have you heard the term “GemEx”? Any clue what it actually means? You probably know it had something to do with the diamond you were purchasing or are looking at. When shopping for diamonds you most likely are comparing the way the light enters and reflects and refracts out. GemEx is a system that measures light and certifies a diamond based on its light performance.

GemEx Report

GemEx was founded in 1998 and is now the global leader in diamond brilliance, fire and sparkle certification. They pioneered the concept of scientifically measuring diamonds for Light Performance. Over 4.5 million diamonds have been measured and sold with GemEx certificates. Retailers around the world use the Gemex certificate to valid the brilliance, fire and sparkle within a stone.

GemEx Report

The BrillianceScope Analyzer, a tool used at Gemex was invented to measure the light return of diamonds. The machine is made up of six GemEx cameras that measure and record the actual light return of a diamond. Each diamond is placed on the lens and scanned. The machine works to measure light return by changing the angle the light hits the diamond. There are five measurements shown on the GemEx certificate. Bar graphs on the certificate show the diamond’s rating for fire, sparkle and brilliance compared to other diamonds. Around the world there are 275 of these units capturing stones and validating their brilliance.
GemEx even has a mobile live report and app for your iPad. Once you purchase your diamond a sales representative will have your GEMEX report number and you can see your brilliance, fire and sparkle certificate. You are also given the option to share your report on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The GemEx iPad app makes it easier to share and appreciate the diamond buying experience. It is a hands on, an interactive experience to showcase the beauty of the diamond.

GemEx Report

Part of the Leo Diamond® experience is the GemEx process, we have BrillianceScope machines installed at our Leo Diamond® factory. After a Leo Diamond® is cut for superior light performance, the diamond is measured on the BrillianceScope for brilliance, fire and sparkle. The scan results are then sent over to the GemEx headquarters for review. At the GemEx headquarters, quality assurance managers review each diamond scan to ensure accurate results. Once the diamond scan is approved, the certificate is printed and sent to the supplier. The GemEx certificate is matched with it’s diamond and the jewelry is shipped with the certificate included.