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What Makes a Leo Diamond® Special?

When purchasing a diamond for the first time, they may all look the same to you. You may think that the only thing that differentiates them is their size and price. After some time you will finally realize that not all diamonds are the same. The way the diamond is cut is a huge differentiator many people don’t always know about. The Leo Diamond® has a unique cut that displays it’s beauty and fire to the naked eye.

Leo Schachter developed The Leo Diamond® in 1999. It was one of the most impactful innovations in diamond cutting in the past 100 years. A typical diamond has 58 facets, while a Leo Diamond® has 66. The diamond has additions of ‘strategic’ faceting rather than ‘multiple’ faceting. This changes the standard for light performance in a diamond, thus moving the conversation from the 4Cs to light performance. The diamond allows for the conversation to be about fire and brilliance rather than angles and proportions.

Leo’s goal was to create a ‘more brilliant’ diamond for everyone. He wanted to deliver a more brilliant diamond than it’s competition at the same or better price point. His overall goal was to create and deliver more brilliant value for the money. He wanted to deliver a better made diamond rather than a more faceted diamond.

To develop this diamond he had to study the light return to deliver scintillation. This had to be done without sacrificing cost effectiveness and weight. Leo Schachter had cooperation and corroboration with GemEx and DTI as a scientific approach to visible and measured light return. Leo’s achievement allowed and invited further adaptation. He was able to improve the angles and faceting of the diamonds, improve the overall make of the diamond and improve the overall polish of a diamond. Each improvement in the lab enabled better GemEx results leading to Triple Very High GemEx light return.

Around 40% of the round diamonds polished for Leo meet Ideal standards before they are ever polished. Ideal cut diamond is a beautiful symmetrical diamond, polished to specific parameters. The Leo is polished only to one parameter, light. The Leo passion makes it’s far away sparkle™ visible and defined. This is why the Leo is all about Love.Light.Leo.