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The Royal Family: Their Diamond Rings

What better month to speak about fabulous engagement rings, than the month of the Royal Wedding? May 19, 2018 was the official date of the wedding of Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. This was one of the most spoken about marriages in a Royal history. A regular American woman who had a career as an actress will now be a princess, this is all the press and public need to hear. Megan looked fabulous in her Givenchy silk dress along with her 16 foot veil, which was embroidered to represent the 53 Commonwealth countries. Something else that’s worth discussing is her engagement ring, which is of course extraordinary. The prince designed the one of a kind 3 carat cushion cut ring and added two diamond side stones that were given to him by his mother, Princess Diana. Both Meghan and Harry’s rings were crafted in the Cleave Workshop.

Meghan’s ring is not the only one worth harping over. There are plenty of other Royal women who received unique and radiant rings, besides from their usual tiaras and jewelry. Some of the most beautiful Royal rings are Queen Elizabeth’s, Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco’s, and of course Princess Kate’s.

The three carat ring made from Princess Alice of Battenberg was given to Queen Elizabeth by Prince Philip. Prince Philip knew he had to find the perfect ring fit for a queen, so he turned to his mother for help. His mother, Princess Alice gave him an aquamarine encrusted tiara as well as a diamond. That tiara was a gift that Princess Alice received from the Russian royal family. Prince Philip decided to take the diamonds from the tiara and make a ring out of them. In the end, with the help of a local jeweler he was able to create a solitaire ring with five pave diamonds on each side in a classic platinum setting.

Kate Middleton’s ring is no classic engagement ring. The 12 carat sapphire diamond ring is actually from Prince William’s mother, Diana. It was given to Kate after Prince William proposed on a trip to Kenya. This ring was so special to William because it was a symbol to show that his mother, although no longer alive won’t miss out on his wedding day. This look actually dates all the way back to the time of Queen Victoria who later passed it down to Queen Elizabeth. The Queen would wear the stone as a brooch to several events such as foreign engagements, garden parties, and weddings. Prince Charles was inspired by his mother’s brooch and the color and decided to design Diana’s ring just like it. Besides from the sapphire in the center of the ring, there are 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding the stone.

Similar to Meghan Markle, Grace Kelly was an actress. She was due to go to the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 and was invited for a photoshoot at the palace of Monaco. There she met Prince Rainier III. A year later he visited her in America and proposed three days later. He had chosen to propose with a lovely 10.47 carat emerald cut ring with two baguettes on the sides. Princess Grace’s ring is now exhibited in Sydney.

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