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The Fifth C

Engagement season will soon be upon us, and we want you to make the most informed decision possible when purchasing your ring. Last week I took you through The 4C’s you should consider when purchasing a diamond. Now it’s time to talk about the fifth C – Confidence. Stick with me on this because I’m not talking about feeling confident in the traditional sense (although wearing a beautiful Leo Diamond does make you feel like a million bucks). Confidence, in this context, is the confidence that the diamond you purchased was ethically sourced and properly certified.

First, let’s discuss sourcing. It is important to know where you can purchase conflict-free diamonds. Companies like Kay and Jared, where Leo Diamonds are sold, ensure that all of the diamonds sold in their stores are conflict-free by only accepting diamonds that are from a Kimberly Process participant. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was implemented in 2003 to ensure that no conflict diamonds are introduced to a legitimate supply chain. The Kimberly Process requires all rough diamonds to be shipped in a tamper-proof container that contains a government-validated certificate that describes the container contents and ensures that the source of the stones is legitimate. Countries who do not participate in the Kimberly Process are not allowed to participate in the diamond trade. To learn more about the Kimberly Process, visit

Leo Schachter is also fully committed to not only ensuring that its diamonds are authentic and natural and sourced from legitimate, conflict-free mines around the world, but to also giving back to the communities from which it sources its diamonds. We at Leo want you to feel confident that the ring you give to your love reflects our integrity. Adding another layer to our transparency, once you purchase a Leo Diamond, you can even meet a master artisan who cuts and polishes Leo Diamonds! To learn more about the principles utilized to ensure conflict-free diamonds, view the De Beers Group Diamond Best Practices Principles.

Now let’s talk about certification. You must also ensure that the diamond you purchase comes with a certification from an independent lab. The independent certification allows you to feel confident that the diamond you purchased is natural and has the 4C’s attributes you were promised. Without a certification from a trusted grading laboratory, you have no guarantee that the diamond you purchased has all the qualities you are looking for. The Leo Diamond is certified by the Gemological Science International (GSI), but there are several other laboratories that are also well-known and trusted. Those labs include Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society Laboratory (AGS), and International Gemological Institute (IGI). Make sure you request to see your diamond’s certification before you make your purchase.

In addition to your diamond’s 4C’s certification, The Leo Diamond offers an additional certification from GemEx Systems. GemEx is an independent lab that tests a diamond’s light performance. As I stressed in my previous blog about the 4C’s, a diamond is cut with the goal to release as much light as possible. The Leo’s patented cut revolutionized diamond light performance, and we became the first ever diamond to be independently certified to be visibly brighter! The GemEx certification allows you to feel confident that your Leo will have that faraway sparkle that we all know and love.

Now that you know all the steps to feeling confident about your diamond purchase, get out there and get your girl’s dream Leo ring at Kay or Jared!