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The Best Way to Get the Ring Upgrade You’ve Been Hoping For

You love the ring he proposed with and admire it every day. The only thing is, you might be tired of it after a number of years. You may be considering asking for an upgrade, but have no idea how to ask for one. Here are a few tips on how you can get this done without pushing your limits.

Before even asking for an upgrade think about what exactly you want to change. Do you want to update the stone, change the setting, or get an entirely new ring? These are important questions to consider before even bringing the topic up. Knowing exactly what you want will help make the conversation run smoothly and efficiently. It is never a good idea to ask for something when you don’t exactly know what you want. You may begin to stutter and confuse yourself or your loved on. Be prepared when asking for what you want.

After you have decided on what exactly you are looking for, it is time to bring this to his attention. This may be quite a touchy subject, so when speaking about this consider his thoughts as well. Try speaking about a budget and how much he is willing to spend on the upgrade. You may also want to add in some of your own money if you are not satisfied with the amount he is offering. Once you learn how much he wants to spend, you can have a gauge of where and what you can look for. Knowing the amount he wants to spend will be really helpful since this will help narrow down the results of what you can actually purchase.

Once agreed upon, it is time to go shopping! You can now find a retailer who is most suitable for your needs. A jeweler can normally recommend what you should be looking at and how you can fulfill your dream upgrade. Most jewelers recommend adding a band that stacks on top of your existing ring. Layering is extremely popular and is a great way to build your collection. Sometimes all you need is some extra sparkle instead of going overboard. When looking for that ring, consider a Leo Diamond® ring enhancer or band. They will be the perfect addition to your lovely ring!