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Should You Keep It a Surprise?

Some couples believe that keeping the engagement ring a surprise makes it more romantic. There are other couples who feel the complete opposite way. They want the entire process to be a collaboration since this means they get to share the moment together. This decision will depend on whether or not you prefer romance over practicality.

For those women who want the ring to be a complete surprise, this means you are leaving everything completely up to him. He must pick out a piece that you will fall in love with and cherish forever. This puts a bit more pressure on him since he may not necessarily be so sure of what you will love. He needs to choose a ring that looks good on you and represents what you are all about. This is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life, so it needs to be perfect. It is a great opportunity for him to show you how much he thinks of you and what he is capable of.

If you still want to keep the surprise aspect of things, but want to push him in the right direction consider dropping hints. These hints can be as subtle as leaving a social media trail. When you see a ring on either Facebook or Instagram that you love, simply like the photo and hope it appears in his feed. If he happens to be scrolling at that moment and comes upon it, it may point him in the right direction. Another way to send a hint is “forgetting” to close your browser when you leave the computer. The open page will direct him on what you are looking for.

Recently, couples have decided to band together and collaborate on engagement ring shopping. If dropping hints is not quite for you, then this may be the best approach. You can choose exactly what your ring will look like and avoid the surprise aspect of things. Be honest when you are sharing your likes and dislikes with him. It is also important to be mindful of his budget since you are completely involved in the process now. Don’t worry, the ring won’t look the same as it will during the big presentation. You will still be in awe when he gets down on one knee with the ring in hand. Remember to be comfortable as a couple while shopping. It is important that you are both in agreement on things.

Whatever you choose to do, we guaranteed you will love what you get. This is something that means more than just the diamond. It is the symbol of your love for each other. Nothing is more important than that!