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There’s Nothing to Be Nervous About: Here Are Plenty of Ways to Save on Her Dream Ring

Purchasing the “perfect” ring isn’t cheap. You want to make your significant other happy, but you don’t want to clean out your bank account. Many guys don’t know how much a ring costs until it’s already too late. You don’t want to disappoint her so you might as well be prepared for that magical moment. Here are a few tips on ways to save up for a ring, even long before the purchase.

1. Decide what’s most important

You may not know anything about diamonds and we don’t blame you. That is why we are here to help! Think about picking out a diamond as if you were picking out an expensive watch. You can’t have everything you want in that watch, so you choose what’s most important to you. Is it the size, face color, metal type, or diamond accents that are most important to you? This is the same thought process that you should use when ring shopping. What is most important to you and her about the diamond? Once you figure that out you will be able to cut down on other aspects and still have the perfect ring.

2. Research. Research

Everything requires research whether it’s buying a car, a home, or even a new pair of shoes. Now that we have the internet we can find several sites and blogs that specialize in any given field. There are hundreds of blogs and articles that recommend ways to find diamonds that are most suitable for you and your budget.

3. It may sound scarier than it will look, maybe sacrifice the size?

We’re not asking you to go down an entire carat size, but only drop. Instead of purchasing a 2.00 carat stone, think about one that is 1.50 carats. This will still be as gorgeous as the original stone, and your bank account will thank you.

4. The same rule can apply for the color

The color is what gives the diamond the shine and sparkle every girl desires. We wouldn’t want you to sacrifice her happiness by completely downgrading the color of the diamond. Instead of buying an “I” grade purchase a “J” grade.

5. It may sounds more expensive, but buy more than one diamond

We know what that sounds like. You want me to purchase more than one diamond? How is that any cheaper? By buying a three stone diamond instead of a solitaire the ring will have a much larger appearance. A few smaller diamonds can make the ring look even bigger than it is.


Here are just a few small ways to save on her dream ring without stressing over it. Find out which Leo fits into your price point without sacrificing the joy it will bring her.