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Planning the Perfect Date

Who doesn’t love coming home from a date smiling and excited for the next one to come? Sometimes planning that ideal date can actually be quite scary and intimidating. There are so many different places you can visit or activities you can do, but what if she thinks they’re boring or cliché? Each person has their own idea of what their “perfect” date is, but here are some ideas may take the stress away and allow you to stay relaxed while enjoying your time out.

1. Try taking a cooking class together

This can be a cute and enjoyable way to really get to know each other. It takes away the awkward tension and allows you both to see the fun and creative sides of each other. Sometimes an activity is just what you need to really get comfortable with the person and begin sharing memories together.

2. Go see a Comedy Show

What’s better than getting in a good laugh? This is a great way to see the silly and relaxed side of her. Look up local comedy clubs and find a time that works for the both of you. Once you’re there you can order drinks or food while giggling at the person on stage.

3. Go Ice skating

This is more of an adventurous date, but if she’s a girl who loves to be active then shell love this one. Find either an indoor or outdoor ice skating rink nearby and make sure to dress warm. Once you are there you can rent skates and enjoy your night skating around or even trying out some new tricks on the ice. Once you guys are done you can find a spot to grab a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate to end off your night.

4. Enjoy Painting While Drinking Wine

There are so many new studios that have opened up that allow customers to paint a beautiful picture while getting tipsy on some wine. It’s a great way to relax and spend quality time together. Even if you have no art skills whatsoever it can be a funny way to show off to your date. You can compete against each other to see who can create a better portrait or just sit back and enjoy the wine.

5. Go Bowling

Bowling is not just a sport, it’s actually a great activity to do on a date. This can be a fun way to see the competitive or even playful side of her. Rent a lane and get ready to show off your skills. Even if you’re not the best bowler it can just be a fun way to pass time together. When it’s time for a break you can order some drinks or food and just sit back and talk.

Whether it’s a fun night out in town or an adventure of a lifetime make sure to enjoy yourself. Who knows, maybe that special date can eventually lead you to go purchase a Leo diamond.