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Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

You are super excited, you just got engaged! Who wouldn’t want to share a picture of their new sparkling ring with their family and friends? Before sending over the picture that’s going to make them excited and in awe, you must ensure that you snap the perfect shot. Here are a few tricks to make sure your ring looks as amazing in the photo as it does in person.

Before even considering the angle and lighting in the image, you must make sure you have a manicure. This is crucial since nobody wants to see a picture of your gorgeous ring on a hand with dirty nails. It’s as simple as making sure your nails are cut and polished before snapping the perfect picture.

Lighting is another factor that plays into getting the right photo to share with everyone you love. The picture should be taken in natural light. If you are not outside, then try going near a window to take the picture. Indoor lighting tends to be a bit harsh so getting as much natural light as possible will guarantee you that ideal look.

Credit: @krstlgay

To enhance the photo even more try adding in a colorful or stylish background. You can take some selfies in front of flowers, trees, the ocean or even just a cute decorative piece you find in your home. Make sure though that the background doesn’t take too much attention away from the dazzling ring on your finger.

Credit: @aarceri

The way you hold your hand to the lens is super important. Try to relax your hand instead of making it look stiff and awkward. You can try resting your hand on something if it helps with the shot. Take a few trial photos to see how you can manage getting your hand to look relaxed and picture worthy. Another trick to keep in mind is the way you hold to camera to your hand. Try different angles instead of shooting straight on.

Credit: @jnynto

Don’t be embarrassed to get some help from an editing app or website. This can help enhance the sparkle of your ring, brighten the background, crop out anything unnecessary, or sharpen the overall photo. Play around with the app features until you are satisfied with the picture. It can’t hurt to save a few versions and go through them once you’re done editing. Just make sure to choose one picture you love instead of a bunch of different ones.

Now it’s time to send that dream photo out to everyone you know. Of course they are already excited that you just got engaged, but seeing a picture of the ring will bring their level of excitement even higher. This will only make you smile even more and appreciate all that you have. If you still need to find the ring to capture that perfect ring selfie, than consider shopping The Leo Diamond® collection at Kay. Choose a ring that you will love forever, just like the way you love him.