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Packing Your Jewelry Can Be Safe and Simple

Vacation is something we always dream of going on. Sometimes we just need to get away and take a break from our hectic lives. Going away doesn’t have to be so extravagant or pricey. Of course we would all love to go sit on the beach of a tropical island and soak in the sun. Taking a road trip somewhere nearby isn’t a bad option as well. Wherever you plan on heading, you must bring some sort of bag along with you. This is the part people dread the most. Packing is stressful and takes time to do. Many people seem to struggle the most with packing their jewelry. It gets tangled and lost in your huge bag of clothing. Here are a few simple tricks to ensuring your jewelry is packed perfectly.

Paper straws

I think one of the hardest pieces to master packing is a necklace. No matter how you pack it, it somehow gets all tangled and knotted up. You arrive to your destination and can no longer wear the piece you planned on pairing with that gorgeous blouse. It may sound strange but try undoing the clasp of the necklace and putting the chain through a straw and fastening it. This keeps the chain from knotting up and stopping you from putting on the necklace. Once you do this, wrap them in a shirt so you won’t lose them in your bag. Another option is to lay your necklace on top of a piece of Cling Wrap and rolling it. A wash cloth is another home item you can use to keep your necklaces safe. Place your necklace on the cloth and roll it lengthwise. Once there is no more room left, fold the towel or cloth in half and place rubber bands on both sides.

plastic pillbox

Earrings and rings are difficult to pack since they are so small and easy to lose. An old trick I still use to this day is placing them in an empty pill box. You can put each pair of earrings in a separate compartment or put a few in each. The same rules apply for rings, either separate them or stack a bunch in a single compartment. This will keep your pieces safe and hard to lose. A simple pill box can be bought at a drug store for just $1. You can also use a contact lenses case for small earrings or rings.

Eyeglasses case

When it comes to packing bracelets, simply roll up a towel or one of your cotton shirts and slide them on. Make sure to leave some space between each bracelet, so they don’t scratch against each other. Then just place the pieces near another soft object or garment so they don’t hit against any hard objects. If the bracelets are flimsy, then you may also place them in an empty glasses case.

If you are traveling on a plane make sure to pack your jewelry in your carry on, this way you are in charge of keeping it safe. Now that you’re well prepared start picking out pieces that you will actually wear, instead of just packing every piece of jewelry you own. This will make not just the packing process much simpler but getting dressed a whole lot easier. You’ll save time deciding on the right piece to pair with your outfit and save room in your bag. Wherever you are heading make sure to enjoy your time and feel good rocking your jewels.