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Getting in Our Last Outdoor Photoshoot Before the Leaves Begin to Fall

Is summer really over? Are the flowers starting to die and the leaves beginning to fall? If you love this time of year then you must be excited that the temperature is getting cooler and the sun is not shining as often. Soon outdoor activities will come to an end and we will begin preparing for the cold weather. Before all of this finally kicks in, we decided to get one last photoshoot outdoors. I decided to travel to New Jersey where the grass is green and the flowers are still in bloom. I took some of the Leo Diamond® jewelry with me and headed the borough of West Milford.

Upon arrival I was in awe of how spacious and charming the neighborhood was. Out here in New York City we don’t see much open land and colorful trees. The first things that caught my eye were the lovely homes sitting along the river. The small but spacious neighborhood was filled with trees and flowers, which made it even more charming. Everyone’s lawn was perfectly cut and there was not a single piece of garbage in site. Growing up in New York City, this was something I was unfamiliar with.

After taking a look around at the property, we decided to start shooting by a small waterfall that was located in the center of the neighborhood. This small stream was only a few feet high and didn’t run too far. The photographer was able to position the ring on a small stone beside the stream of water. This angle gave him the ability to capture a shot of the ring with the water flowing down and the trees hanging in the background.

Outdoor diamond photos by stream

After capturing some amazing shots by the stream we moved onto a different area, where there were tons of white flowers still in full bloom. The bush was full of flowers that made for an amazing backdrop for the necklace we photographed. Here we set up a silver rod for the necklace to hang from. This gave off an illusion of the necklace floating in front of a wall of flowers and leaves. With some adjustments, the photo of the necklace was perfectly captured in front of the lovely flowers.

Outdoor diamond photos with flowers

The photographer also had a pool in his backyard, which made a great backdrop for our social media post. He took a piece of flat stone that was laying in his yard and placed it on the edge of the pool. Then he strategically placed the pair of earrings on the slab. The deep blue water from the pool made the diamond earrings pop when photographed. You would never believe that these earring were shot in front of an above ground pool in somebody’s backyard.

Diamond photo by pool

As we continued on with our shoot we began to visit different areas throughout the neighborhood where there were plenty of flowers to photograph in front of. We played with the colors and angle of the light before choosing our final destination. Once chosen, we balanced the product on the flowers or found something to place the product on to ensure it was stable. Having these flowers in the background made the sparkle of the diamond pop even more. The focus of course was on the product, but the various colors and shapes enhanced the shots even more.

Exploring the small neighborhood full of trees and flowers was a lot of fun. The best feeling was when we captured the perfect shot of the product after many tries. Who knew outdoor photoshoots can be so much fun? There is nothing prettier than the outdoors on a nice sunny day. Hours later, when we were finally done shooting we went inside and looked at all of the pictures we took. The color and brilliance of the diamond was fascinating. The backgrounds we shot in front of made all of this come true. We also couldn’t have done it without the help of David Stewart Brown Photography. He made sure that every product was shot to perfection.

You can check out all of these amazing photos on our Leo Diamond® social media pages. If any of the products catch your eye, they can all be purchased at your local Kay store or on Once you have your very own Leo Diamond® piece, go ahead and take some nice photos of it and share it with us!