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A Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

We’re always so focused on buying her the perfect ring that we often forget about him. Although a man’s wedding ring is simpler and less noticeable he still deserves to have a ring that suits him. Besides from his style preference, you need to also consider his ring size. Men’s rings range from sizes 6 to 20 so how do you know what size he would be?


Finding out a women’s ring size is much easier than a man’s. You can simply peak into her jewelry box and find a ring she already owns. Many men don’t wear rings until they are married so it is much harder to find out their ring size. The most common ring size in the U.S. is a size 10 for men. However, ring sizes vary depending on the country you live in. Luckily there are conversion charts to make this process much easier for you to find the right size. The first thing you should do to ensure you are purchasing the correct size ring is to check the jeweler’s standard for ring sizing. Since most of the time a wedding band isn’t a surprise, you can either use a ring size measurer or just simply ask him for his size.

Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Choosing the style of the ring can be a difficult thing if he doesn’t typically wear jewelry. Something you can consider while shopping is his lifestyle and daily life. Depending on his job and everyday activities, you can decide what type of metal to look for. For a man that’s always working with his hands, try to keep the band simple this way it won’t break and he can just polish it if it scratches. If he sits at a desk all day you may consider picking out something funkier like a ring with grooves or diamonds on it. Typically this won’t get damaged if he isn’t playing with it a lot. His wardrobe also plays a major factor in choosing a ring. If he typically wears jeans and a T-shirt then maybe something simple would be most suitable. If a suit and tie is more his look, then maybe try to find something a bit more bold.

Band Width

Another factor when picking out a ring for him is the width of the band. Although this does not have any effect on the sizing, it does on the look. If he has a smaller hand with short fingers than a wider band may not look too good on him. The thickness also depends on his style and preference. Some men want the band to show so they prefer a wider band. Others choose to go for a thinner band since it makes less of a statement but is still appropriate.

Band Color

The color of the band also matters to a lot of men. You may not think this matters so much, but each skin tone is compatible with a different ring color. Warmer complexions look best with warmer colors like yellow or rose gold. While white gold or silver flatters lighter skin tones. He may prefer one ring color over another, but if he is not sure then go for a color that would best suit him.

In the end of the day what matters most is your love and devotion towards one another. Whatever ring you decide to choose, we’re sure he will love it. Choose from our collection of Leo Diamond® men’s rings and remind him how much you love him.