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Knowing How to Care for Diamond Rings, and Why It Matters (Part 1)

You’re engaged, congratulations! I’m sure you remember the exact moment you saw your beautiful ring, sparkling in the light. The first few months of wearing your brand new engagement ring, you marveled at it on your finger, unable to look away from its shimmer and shine. But, as time passes, it may seem like your ring isn’t as bright as it used to be. You begin to notice scuffs and scratches on the band, and your diamond starts to look dull. What happened? Well – in short – life. But fear not, this is preventable (and even reversible). Your ring can forever look as beautiful as it did the day you said, “yes!” All you need to know is how to care for diamond rings, and why it’s important to do so.

Part one of this two-part series takes a look at what you can do, without any outside help, to keep your ring in tip-top shape. Check back next week for part two of the series!

1. Keep your ring clean

Engagement and wedding bands are a symbol of forever, so you probably don’t take your ring off throughout your day-to-day. That means your ring is subjected to all sorts of gunk – like lotion, soap scum, and dirt. All of that everyday gunk can cling to your diamond and prevent it from reflecting the light that enters a diamond and bounces from facet to facet making it sparkle.

While diamonds like The Leo® are a labor of love with a patented cut that releases your diamond’s brilliance, that doesn’t mean your diamond doesn’t need a little help from you after it leaves the sterile environment of the jewelry store. To maintain the full brilliance and beauty of your diamond, you’ll want to clean it frequently. I’m a big fan cleaning my ring every week, but I recommend at least cleaning it once a month. You can clean your ring using a store-bought jewelry cleaner, or you can easy and cheaply create a cleaning solution at home.

2. Avoid harsh chemicals

Your diamond will not be damaged by the everyday chemicals you will encounter. But, the precious metals (like gold) on your band are another story. Harsh chemicals can discolor, and even erode, the metals. To avoid this kind of damage, consider wearing rubber gloves when cleaning with things like bleach and window cleaner. If you’re going for a swim, avoid the chlorine by leaving your ring at home in a safe and secure place.

3. Take your ring off every once in a while (I know it’s hard)

I know, the idea of taking your ring off is painful. But hear me out. Sometimes the best place for your ring is NOT on your finger. There are certain situations in which wearing your ring will only cause damage and create a headache.

As I mentioned earlier, leave your ring at home while swimming. If you’re in a chlorine-treated pool, the chemical can erode your precious metals. Plus, your fingers may shrink during swimming, and will be slippery while wet. This means your ring could easily slip off of your finger and be lost forever.

Other instances when removing your ring is a good idea:

  • Going to the gym – Lifting heavy objects can bend your ring. Plus, having sweaty fingers is an easy way for your ring to fall off.
  • Washing the dishes – Banging your ring around in the sink is hard on the metal and prongs, plus it can slip off your finger and go down the drain!
  • Gardening – Soil and rocks are abrasive and can scratch your precious metals.
  • Cleaning the house – harsh chemicals can erode the metal on your band.
  • Going to bed – Your ring can get snagged on your sheets or can scratch you and your partner! Plus, if you tend to sleep with your hands tucked beneath you or your pillows, you add a lot of extra weight and pressure to your ring, which can cause it to warp over time. I like to keep a ring dish near my bed for easy and safe removal and storage of my ring overnight.

If you do remove your ring for any reason, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t remove your ring in public
  • Don’t remove your ring near a drain
  • Make sure your ring is stored in a safe place if stored for a longer period of time

Making sure you know how to care for your diamond ring is so important in maintaining its beauty for a lifetime. These were three easy ways to take care of your ring at home. Check the blog next week to find out three more ways to ensure your ring stays beautiful and safe with a little bit of outside help.