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How to Help Your Bestie’s Other Half Pick Out the Perfect Ring

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is not an easy task. It is especially hard when she wants the ring to be a complete surprise. Her boyfriend wants to get her a ring that she will fall in love with, but has no idea what he should be looking for. This is where you can come in and save the day. Who knows her likes and dislikes better than her best friend? Girls love to talk about their dream wedding and engagement ring, so you may be the person he needs to turn to when shopping.

The first step is information collection. She may have sent you some photos of rings she loved in the past or spoke about a ring she fell in love with somewhere. If not maybe she has been liking pictures of rings on social media or adding them to a board on Pinterest. These small things may lead you to her dream ring. If none of this is helpful, you can try subtly asking her about her dream ring and what she is looking for in a ring. This can hopefully lead you to her favorite style, shape or size ring.

After you collected as much information as possible, go back to her boyfriend and share everything you learnt with him. Try to ask or figure out his budget and guide him to a jeweler or store that fits his criteria. This will be really helpful since he probably has no clue where to even start. It will also relieve some stress he may have about finding the right place to shop. If you can, join him when he goes to the store since you probably know a bit more about shopping than he does.

When you get to the store that you both have decided on, make sure to let him know you are with him the entire way. Some men start to panic once they enter the store since there are rings everywhere and tons of options to choose from. Try to locate a sale associate who can navigate you to a brand that fits your criteria. You may have researched brands that fit within his budget as well as her style beforehand. If so, have the sales associate direct you to those brand counters and pull out the rings you would like to look at. Once you are there try to find a ring that is most similar to her dream ring. Maybe try them on so he can see what they look like on somebody’s hand. You can make this fun and relaxing for him when trying on all of the different rings. He will be happy and appreciative to have someone with him that knows what his future wife wants and will cherish forever.

Now that you went through this entire process, it is time to give her this amazing ring you both picked out. Make sure he knows how he is proposing to her. You can help him with this as well if he asks or seems stressed about it. Your best friend will never forget this moment, so why not make sure it is just perfect. She will thank you forever for helping him through the entire process and remember why you’re her best friend.