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5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Or, maybe you will be soon. We’re living in a very interesting time, where much of our life is shared on social media. Your engagement probably won’t be any different. Whether it’s posting a ring selfie, or toggling your relationship status from “single” to “engaged,” we all do something to let our network know the good news. While the traditional ring selfie announcement is “an oldie but goodie,” there are other ways to share your latest relationship update. Here are 5 fun ways to announce your engagement on social media.

1. Signage

Using a sign to help announce your engagement is an easy, yet adorable way to spread the news and stand out on someone’s timeline. The two of you can hold up a large sign, or only one of you can hold a little note like the one pictured above.

Some options for signs are:

  • “I said yes!”
  • Him holding a sign that says, “I asked,” and her holding a sign that says, “I said yes!”
  • “He put a ring on it!”
  • “From Ms. to Mrs.”
  • “Future Mrs. ____”
  • “We’re getting hitched!”

2. Props

Props aren’t just for photo booths anymore! There are tons of cute props you can snap pictures with, that will let your followers know that you’re getting married. Not only are props fun for your followers, they’re also great keepsakes for you to remember the exciting new phase in your life.

Prop options include:

  • T-shirts that say “Mr.” and “Future Mrs.”
  • A mug that says, “Does this ring make me look engaged?”
  • Using the engagement ring to form the “O” in “Love” written out in Scrabble pieces.
  • An ornament with your names and engagement date

3. Your canine companion

For many of us, our dogs are a huge part of our lives. They aren’t commonly known as “fur babies” for nothing! For the couple who has a special bond with their canine companion(s), including them in an engagement announcement is the perfection option.

Ways to use your dog:

  • Tie the ring around its neck on a ribbon
  • Pose them with a sign that says “my humans are getting married!”
  • Balance the ring on its nose

4. Movie poster

If you’re a playful couple with a little bit of Photoshop savvy, a movie poster announcement may be the perfect option for you. If you have a favorite film as a couple, you can recreate the poster with your own faces and personalize the text to announce the big news.

Other movie poster recreation ideas:

  • “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” poster with your soon-to-be-shared last name
  • “The Proposal”
  • “The Notebook” repurposed as “The Engagement” or “The Wedding”

5. A couple’s shoot

If you happened to have a photographer present during the proposal, you can announce the engagement with a well-timed picture of him down on one knee. Or, if you prefer to keep that moment more private, you can arrange for a quick shoot after the engagement to announce the news.

Some shot options are:

  • Exchanging a pinky promise, with the ring pointing to the camera
  • Posing together with your ring hand up, proudly displaying the new jewelry
  • Him kissing her left hand
  • A close up of a champagne toast, with the ring to the camera

There are so many options for sharing your engagement on social media. How will you announce yours?