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What to Get Your Loved One for That Special Anniversary

Anniversaries are a time of celebration and milestones in our relationships. It shows commitment and love to one another. A gift of jewelry is known to be a wonderful token of this feeling. Here are several pieces of jewelry that symbolize those special anniversaries.

1. Your First Anniversary

The first anniversary is very exciting and means you have made it through a whole year together. During that year you grew closer and shared many memories together. This was a year of firsts such as living together for the first time, renting your first apartment, buying your first pet, etc. All of this deserves to be celebrated and remembered with a special gift. The gift of gold is a perfect for the occasion since it symbolizes eternity and unity. There are many different gold gifts you can buy, but one that really stands out is a gold anniversary band.

The Leo Diamond Wedding Band 3/8 ct tw Diamonds 14K Yellow Gold is sure to make her smile and grateful for all that she has.

2. Your Tenth Anniversary

It’s been a full decade since you’ve been together! That is a long time of passion and commitment to one another. You have been through happy and sad times, standing side by side. Ten years of marriage shows that you are both strong, which is similar to the strength of a diamond. A diamond is the most durable gemstones of all. The brilliant sparkle of the diamond will remind you how much you love one another and have grown in the past ten years. Since ten years is a long time, getting a special gift like a diamond shows a grand gesture. One of the most popular tenth anniversary gift is a diamond pendant.

The Leo Diamond Necklace 1/3 Carat Diamond 14K White Gold has the perfect sparkle that will symbolize the way you feel for her.

3. The Big 50th Anniversary

Wow! It’s been 50 years together and your love and devotion for one another has only grown stronger. You may have kids or even grandchildren already. The moments you have shared have been fun ones, happy ones, hard ones, tearful ones, etc. This is what has made your commitment to one another greater than ever. This year we celebrate with gold because it symbolizes love that lasts. Gold is a strong metal which is as strong as your bond. It is also a symbol of success. A piece of gold jewelry represents a couple’s success for maintaining their relationship for half a century. This piece of gold jewelry will charm your significant other, just like you do.

This Leo Diamond Ring 3/4 ct tw Round-cut 14K Yellow Gold is certainly an upgrade from the gold band you bought her on your first anniversary. She will be shocked by its beauty and brilliance.

We celebrate our anniversary once a year to show each other our affection and loyalty. Every year we grow closer. It is important to celebrate love every day you are together, but on this specific day show her how much you mean it by giving her a gift she’ll never forget.