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An Exclusive Look into the Leo GEMScribe Process

As a fan of The Leo Diamond, you’re probably already familiar with the diamond’s signature faraway sparkle. But, did you know that each Leo also comes inscribed with its own unique identification number? This number allows you to learn all about your exact diamond. If you have a Leo, you’re probably squinting at it now, trying to find the number! The unique number, known as a “GEMScribe,” is located on the diamond’s girdle. The girdle (identified below) is the narrow section separating the crown from the pavilion (Gia.Edu).

As you can see, the girdle is very small, and the GEMScribe number can be nearly impossible to see with the naked eye! So, how does such a tiny number end up on your diamond? I had the unique opportunity to watch the GEMScribe process up close and personal. I even took some pictures to share with you! Let’s take a look.

First, the artisans gathered their supplies. They use several types of cleaners, and even white-out to complete the process!

Each Leo is hand-placed into the GEMScribe machine, where the girdle is read. The machine looks over the girdle until there is a clear view on which it can inscribe.

After the machine focuses on the girdle, artisans take a look and decide on exact placement of the number. They decide where the number will be placed, and continue adjust using the GEMScribe machine’s monitor.

Next, the artisans use white-out to color the girdle of the diamond. This makes the girdle easier to see, allowing for a clearer view for inscription.

The diamond is then inscribed along the red guide lines.

Finally, The Leo is cleaned off with rubbing alcohol and inspected one more time.

The end result is a tiny, unique number on each Leo’s girdle!

Each Leo’s unique ID number is tied to its GSI and GemEx® certificates. You can trace your Leo by going to the Trace Your Leo section of the Leo website. There, you’ll be prompted to put in your unique GEMScribe number. Not only can you view your certificates, but you can also “meet” one of the master artisans who handcrafted your Leo Diamond!

Don’t worry about the fact that your unique ID number is so small. Every Leo comes with documentation that has your GEMScribe number. Whenever you’re at a Kay or Jared, you can always ask to see your ID under magnification as well, so you can rest assured that you always have your own diamond.

The Leo Diamond truly is a labor of love down to the very last detail. Have you traced your Leo yet?