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Your Engagement Ring Personality Guide

An engagement ring is something that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. You will rarely take it off your finger. Knowing this might put a bit of pressure on finding the perfect shape and size ring that fits your personality and style. I mean you should love and feel comfortable with the ring you are wearing! Here’s a guide to help ease the confusion and assist you in choosing the perfect ring that mirrors who you are and what you love.

prong-set solitaire

For those of you who want the classic and simple engagement ring, then a prong-set solitaire is just the right for you. It has that timeless sparkle you always dreamed of without any distractions from the diamond. The band is simple and clean and allows the diamond to shine bright on its own. Women who choose this style typically go for a round diamond opposed to the other fancy shapes.

ring with a rose gold band

If you are more of a girly-girl, then you may be interested in a ring that has some style and design to it. Try looking for a ring that has a design on it’s band or has some color to it. This look gives the ring a bit of a girly edge that will match your personality just right. If you are looking to add in some color, check out a ring with a rose gold band.

A bezel setting is just perfect for the tomboy in you. If you are active and love to be outdoors, then a bezel setting should be most suitable. This setting has metal that surrounds the entire stone which securely holds the diamond in place. This ensures you that the setting will not snag or get caught on anything while you are pursuing your active lifestyle.

emerald cut

Another traditional cut that is known to be timeless is an emerald cut. This cut works well for those fashionistas who are constantly staying up to date on all the trends. Emerald shaped diamonds give off a larger look that makes your finger look even longer. This diamond cut tends to look larger when meeting the eye. This shape is good for a certain bride who wants more of a sophisticated look.

halo ring

If you are looking for a larger ring but are on a budget, then you may be interested in looking at a halo setting. This is when smaller diamonds surround the larger center stone. The halo setting gives an illusion that the diamond in the center is larger than it actually is. You will be happy with the size of the ring when it is on your finger.

For those who are super romantic, you can’t go wrong with a heart shaped stone. The heart is known as a symbol of love and romance, so why not make sure your diamond shares this message as well. This shape isn’t as popular as the others, but it is great for those who want to express their love through their ring. A rose gold ring is also a great fit for a romantic. The color gives the ring more of a feminine and sweet feel. Pavé diamonds are also a nice touch of sparkle to add some romance to the ring.

Whatever style or stone you decide on we are sure it will look great on you! Try shopping the Leo Diamond® collection which features most of these styles. We hope you find a ring that is as special and unique as you are.