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3 DIY Jewelry Cleaner Solutions to Keep Your Diamonds’ Faraway Sparkle

Be honest, when is the last time you had your diamond ring cleaned? With all the hustle and bustle that is everyday life, lots of little things fall through the cracks. Stopping by your local jewelry store and getting your ring cleaned tends to be very low on busy people’s to-do lists. But, is there anything sadder than a grimy diamond? Diamonds are meant to sparkle, and no diamond can sparkle under a layer of grit! So what are your options? At-home cleaning of course! Here are 3 DIY jewelry cleaner solutions so that your diamond will stay sparkly even during your busiest weeks!


AmmoniaI don’t know about you, but the word “ammonia” always makes me a little nervous. I had heard of ammonia-based cleaning solutions, but I wasn’t sold until I did my homework myself. Many diamond experts recommend an ammonia-based cleaning solution, like The International Gem Society. The beauty of an ammonia based cleaner is that ammonia is cheap and easy-to-find in your local grocery store’s cleaning section. All you have to do is mix ¼ cup ammonia with a cup of warm water. Let your ring soak in the mixture for about 20 minutes, then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush. Finally, lay it out to dry and grab your sunnies, because that ring will start to sparkle!

Dish Soap

dishwashing liquidThis one’s great if you’re a “set it and forget it” kind of gal. Create a mixture of warm, almost hot, water and liquid dish soap so that it’s nice and sudsy. I like to use a small bowl or a coffee mug to hold the solution. Next, place your ring in the mixture for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful, clean ring. For added sparkle, brush gently with a clean, soft toothbrush.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

ultrasonic cleanerIf you want something really thorough and easy to use, consider purchasing an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You simply place your jewelry in the cleaner’s basket, submerge it into a cleaning solution, and then let the ultrasonic do the rest of the work! Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic sound waves to vibrate the grime right off of your jewelry. One tip – let the cleaner warm up first. Warm water will work wonders for your jewelry. Make sure your ring inspections are up-to-date, though, since the heavy vibrations could shake a diamond out of a loose prong setting. As usual, make sure you rinse the ring thoroughly, and enjoy your sparkler! If you’re not sure if an ultrasonic cleaner is right for you, the GIA has a great guide on how and when to use the cleaners.

As you can see, there are lots of options for squeezing a ring cleaning into your busy schedule. If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, you’ll be amazed at just how gorgeous your ring is when it’s not covered in life’s daily grime. Try out these DIY jewelry cleaning solutions, and let me know what you think!