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Diamond Debate: Hoops Vs. Studs?

Everyone loves a sparkling pair of diamond earrings. Sometimes the sparkle can be blinding and it’s easy to lose focus when choosing what kind of earrings you truly want. Diamond earrings are not something you will get to buy all the time, so you want to be confident about your decision. Each season, the fashion industry comprehensively determines the “in” style for every category- diamonds included. Depending on the time, different colors, shapes, and styles are deemed fashionable. However, since trends tend to fade, most people like to stick to timeless classics. Studs and hoops are the paradigm of timeless diamond jewelry. They come in many sizes and price points to suit your taste and budget. You may find yourself in what we call a diamond debate- what will it be: hoops or studs? You can never go wrong with diamond earrings, and there are surely advantages of each.

Hoops: One of the biggest advantages that people like to discuss when it comes to wearing hoops is that you can be sure that no earring backs will be lost. The front and back clip together which will make you feel secure that they will not fall out of your ears (no one wants to deal with losing a diamond earring). The thing people love about diamond hoops is that they are timeless and a statement look at the same time. Especially if you pull back your hair into a high ponytail, diamond hoops will stand out and shine. There are so many variations of hoops to choose from. The most classic style is a diamond encrusted hoop. Within that style, some pairs have diamonds on the outside of the earring while some have diamonds on the outside and the inside of the earring. Another style is a solid metal hoop with one or more diamonds dangling from the hoop.

Leo Diamond Hoop Earrings: left and right 

Studs: For starters, studs are easy to wear. They are light weight and do not get stuck on your shirt or in your hair. The one who chooses diamond studs should also feel confident that the earrings will not fall out because many diamond studs come with screw-on backs.  There are so many different options of shapes and styles. You can choose a fancy shape of diamond like oval, pear or emerald. Some studs are surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. There are different kinds of settings to choose from and things to consider like number of prongs and color of metal. There are also cluster style diamond studs that appear like flowers or stars. Another thing people love about diamond studs is that you can buy your first pair in a small carat size and then wear your first pair on your second piercing (for a layered look) once you are able to upgrade to a bigger carat size! Diamond studs are so versatile. They can be worn for the simplicity to wear or as a great complement to statement jewelry. 

Leo Diamond Stud Earrings: left, middle, right 

We hope you are lucky enough to get both hoops and studs really soon!