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5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Or, maybe you will be soon. We’re living in a very interesting time, where much of our life is shared on social media. Your engagement probably won’t be any different. Whether it’s posting a ring selfie, or …

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8 Awe-Inspiring Solar Eclipse Wedding Photos

On August 21, 2017, portions of 14 states in the U.S. experienced its first total solar eclipse (while North America, parts of South America, Africa, and Europe saw at least a partial solar eclipse) since 1979. People all over the …

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Leo Diamond Couple Feature – Leanne and Dave

For the entire month of August, the folks at The Leo Diamond® took to their social media accounts to ask Leo followers to share their special proposal stories. The response was overwhelming and delightful! There’s truly nothing better than hearing …

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What’s the Difference between branded and non-branded diamonds?

When shopping for diamonds, there are many terms that get thrown around: clarity, shape, color, etc. You may even be asked, “would you like a branded diamond?” The first time I heard that phrase, I was taken aback. Don’t all …

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12 Adventurous Couples with Really, Really Exciting Wedding (and Engagement) Photos

Every relationship is unique – couples often share hobbies and interests that brought them together. So, why is it that so many of our wedding photos are the same? A hand on the shoulder here, a head tilt there…we’ve seen …

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An Outfit for Every Occasion – and Its Matching Leo Fashion Piece

You’re standing in front of a closet full of clothes, but you can’t find anything to wear. Sound familiar? Yup, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a great outfit idea all on your own. …

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Outdoor Summer Wedding Photos – 12 Beautiful Shots

It’s summertime, and you know what that means… lemonade, sun dresses, playing in the water, and LOTS of wedding invites. Tis the season to get married! Summer is the most popular season for weddings for a reason – it’s easier …

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3 DIY Jewelry Cleaner Solutions to Keep Your Diamonds’ Faraway Sparkle

Be honest, when is the last time you had your diamond ring cleaned? With all the hustle and bustle that is everyday life, lots of little things fall through the cracks. Stopping by your local jewelry store and getting your …

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California Woman Wins a One-Carat Leo Diamond® Ring

(New York) – The Leo Diamond®, the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter, is thrilled to announce that Justyna Ward from Laguna Niguel, California, is the winner …

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A Red Carpet Opportunity from the Leo Diamond® – Participants Have the Opportunity to Enter for a Chance to Win a One-Carat Leo Diamond® Ring

(New York) – The Leo Diamond®, the first diamond ever independently …

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