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The Best Time to Start Engagement Ring Shopping

Shopping for an engagement ring can be exciting yet a bit stressful. You both are extremely excited about committing and sharing your lives together, but also slightly nervous. Trust us this is normal. When choosing an engagement ring there is no exact time that’s right, but there is a timeline you can use to make the shopping experience simpler and more enjoyable.

The first stage is research. Without researching you may not know anything about buying a ring or a diamond. This stage usually takes between one to five days. Doing some research can educate you and make you feel better about your purchase before entering the store. Research can include learning about the 4C’s of a diamond, the sizes of diamonds, and the diamond shapes. During this stage, you can also find out her ring size and her style preference.

Once the research phase is complete it is now time to find the right jeweler. You will need to explore all of your options to find the right match. Finding the right jeweler can take about one to two weeks. Since you may be super busy with your day to day events, this stage can take a bit longer than the others. After visiting a few jewelers, most people will revisit the jeweler they liked the most before making a purchase. This phase also includes choosing the right setting and diamond. After some review, you will come back with a few options to choose from.

When finalizing the order, it can take any time between one to three weeks. If you decide to create a custom ring, then it will take a bit longer than purchasing an already sized and pre-set ring. If you have a ring that is being passed down from a family member and want it to be re-set, then it may take a few days to do this.

Something that is extremely important that most people don’t realize takes time is sizing your ring. Many jewelers stock ring sizes 6 and 7 because they are the average ring sizes for women. If you haven’t already figured out her ring size, then you should factor this in as well. This is the reason the sizing phase takes between a day to a week. If you are lucky and her ring size is a 6 or 7, then you can purchase the ring right away from the jeweler. If her size is not in stock, no worries! Most jewelers can resize them or order the same ring in the correct size.

Overall, the ring shopping process can take some time. If you have a date or timeline in mind, then consider starting the process sooner than later. This time in your life is very sentimental, so why overwhelm yourself by doing it last minute. When looking for a ring she will love consider going into the nearest Kay® Jewelers and asking to look at The Leo Diamond® collection.

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