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What Goes On Behind the Scenes of a Social Media Shoot

As you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed you may come across photos of stunning jewelry with artistic and colorful backgrounds. Some might think that these photos were simply taken of a piece of jewelry and later photo shopped in front of a pleasing background. This is not always the case when posting content that is supposed to be appealing and stand out to consumers. There is actually a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes that the viewer may not realize. Here are some pictures of how we actually got those fun and unique photos we posted on our Leo Instagram and Facebook page.

David Stewart Brown of David Stewart photography focusing his camera and zooming in to get the perfect shot of our jewelry

A closer look at how David set up his camera and the lighting to make sure the photo comes out just as planned

The equiptment used, such as several lights and props for this photograph of our necklace and earrings set

Another view of the jewelry being set up on a shiny black background with the camera positioned, just ready to snap

David is using one of his tools to set the necklace in place and reposition it in a way that looks pleasing and photographs well together with the matching earrings

After several adjustments and snaps we were finally able to capture the perfect shot of our Leo Diamond Necklace and Earrings

Here is the set up for another photograph we took for our social media page. This time we used roses as a prop to brighten and bring life to the picture of this piece of jewelry

Our Leo Diamond Necklace 1/3 Carat Diamond 14K Yellow Gold hanging perfectly in the center of a rose. By using a rose in the foreground we were able to use color to create a dramatic and beautiful shot that shows off the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

After selecting the right props, positioning the jewelry just so, changing the lighting and getting the right angles required for each piece, we were finally able to get the perfect shots we hoped for. Once we got the desired shots, they are then retouched and cropped to be just the right image for our social media pages. Check out these gorgeous photos on our Leo Diamond Instagram and Facebook pages over the next several months!