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Behind the Scenes at The Leo Diamond® Photoshoots

Last week the folks at Leo orchestrated three beautiful photoshoots to showcase the Leo Diamond’s signature designs and faraway sparkle. The photos will eventually be featured on, but for now I’ll share some fun behind-the-scenes details with you to hold you over.


The photoshoots featured three real couples and one Leo girl. The Leo Diamond’s core values include authenticity and passion, and their choice of models reflected those values. Leo specifically sought out real, everyday couples like you and me (in fact, my husband and I are one of the couples) because there’s nothing more authentic than the love shared between two people. Marie, the Leo girl, also demonstrated authenticity and passion. She’s a fan of the brand and her photos demonstrated that your love for Leo can extend beyond bridal. Leo pieces can also be worn as beautiful fashion pieces on special occasions or in everyday life.


Not only did Leo want to display its beautiful pieces, but they also wanted to illustrate that The Leo Diamond inspires us to let our love shine bright. While Leo hired incredibly talented photographers and shot coordinators, they also encouraged the models to be themselves, allowing their Leo Diamond pieces to inspire them. By giving the couples freedom to express themselves naturally, The Leo team was able to capture genuine, beautiful moments while also capturing beautiful, sparkling diamonds.


The photoshoots were held at a park, a beach, and a coffee shop. These locations were chosen because they’re genuine. They’re where real couples enjoy spending their time together. Leo did not want anyone to feel as if these shots were not relatable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They want everyone to see themselves reflected in these gorgeous shots. Although it may not be you in these particular pictures, it could be you.

Sneak Peeks

Finally, because I just couldn’t resist, here are some behind-the-scenes moments and sneak-peeks of a few of our shots.

The coffee house couple looked so relaxed and in love during the shoot.



Aren’t those rings gorgeous? The sparkled so beautifully in the sunlight throughout the evening.

That’s all I can show you for now! I hope you’re as excited as I am to see all of these new and exciting Leo Diamond photos. The new photos will make their debut on The Leo Diamond website in a few months. Be on the lookout!

Special thanks to our photographers, Haley Rossi and Sophie Flemings and to Yellow Line Digital for coordinating the shoots.