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What’s the Difference between branded and non-branded diamonds?

When shopping for diamonds, there are many terms that get thrown around: clarity, shape, color, etc. You may even be asked, “would you like a branded diamond?” The first time I heard that phrase, I was taken aback. Don’t all diamonds kind of look the same? That’s when I took to the internet and found a whole world of differences between branded and non-branded diamonds. What are those differences, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Why do people prefer some clothing or car brands over others? Brands are often associated with a story or a company. Sometimes people love what a brand represents. Other times, people like a brand’s distinct style. The same kind of analysis can be had for branded diamonds.

Branded diamond quality guarantee

Because branded diamonds are tied to a specific name, they’re held to certain standards. After all, these brands want to be trusted by customers. The manufacturer often provides assurance and guarantees a level of quality, standing behind their brand.

You can definitely still find a great non-branded diamond, you just have to be much more careful and research your options thoroughly. That’s why I always recommend purchasing from a trusted retailer like Kay or Jared – because those retailers have specific requirements for all diamonds sold in their stores.

However, branded diamonds often have an added layer of confidence. When buying a branded diamond, you know that the brand is held to very specific guidelines. Branded diamonds often come with an authenticity card and multiple certifications.

The Leo Diamond®, for example, was named after Leo Schachter himself.  Leo Schachter was so passionate about The Leo’s cut and its ability to release a diamond’s brilliance, that it was the first and only time he gave his name to a diamond.

The Leo name means that there are quality standards that must be met. Not every diamond can be a Leo. Rough diamonds go through a tough selection process before they’re okay’d to move on to the polishing process. Each polished diamond is carefully inspected for cut and quality before being sent for GemEx® “Return of Light” certification. Should a diamond not deliver the required return of light, or brilliance, demanded of a Leo Diamond, it doesn’t get approved to become a Leo.

So, not only do all Leo Diamonds come with a GSI certificate, certifying the 4Cs, they also come with a second certification from GemEx, certifying the diamond’s superior light performance.

Branded diamond brand promises

When purchasing a branded diamond, you get the opportunity to support certain brand values and promises. When buying from a particular brand, you know where the diamond was manufactured, the company story, and its principles.

Every brand has a specific value that resonates with customers. Some brands are known for having the best prices, or supporting a specific cause. Take Starbucks, for example. Starbucks is an expensive cup of coffee, but the company provides generous benefits and scholarships to employees, and is committed to sustainable coffee sourcing. The Leo Diamond is a family-run brand that promises to only source ethical, conflict-free diamonds and give back to diamond communities around the globe.

Brands are not always the cheapest options, but it’s often what a brand stands for that resonates with us.

Branded diamond style

Think about your favorite clothing brand. You may love its quality and its price, but what really brought you to it was its style. Style is what first draws your eye and makes you take a second look. The same can be said for specific diamond brands. Sure, you can look at a hundred beautiful round diamonds – but only branded diamonds have a signature flair that sets them apart from the crowd.

Some people love a beautiful, sparkly ring. The Leo Diamond was the first diamond ever certified to be visibly brighter thanks to its patented, one-of-a-kind cut. That’s what sets the Leo apart from other diamonds on the shelf – it’s light performance and signature faraway sparkle is impossible to miss.

That faraway sparkle may not be something that everyone prefers. That’s why it is always important to discover your personal diamond jewelry taste and find the diamond that’s right for you.