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5 Ways to Showcase Your Ring

A lot of time is spent on choosing the perfect photos for your social media… especially when you get engaged. How are you going to show off your new ring? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one might be worth two thousand. Everyone will be so excited for you and want to hear and see all of the details, especially the ring. Until your friends have the chance to grab your hand and see for themselves, this photo is going to have to satisfy their curiosity. There are so many ways to get this photo perfect and luckily there is great inspiration out there to help guide you. Here we have compiled five ways how you can showcase your engagement ring on social media.

1. In The Box

One of the most iconic moments of the engagement is when the box opens and the ring is revealed. Maybe you want to share this moment with your friends and family with a photo of your ring in the box.  (Photo Credit: @abventureish)

Ring in Box

2. On Your Hand

This is the classic announcement. You can’t go wrong with this type of picture. Make sure you have a fresh manicure! Start getting used to having a ring on your finger and take tons of pictures until you find the perfect shot. For tips on getting the perfect engagement ring selfie, you can check out our blog post about that! 

On your hand

3. With Your Fiancée

Your fiancée just spent the time and money on finding you the perfect ring. Maybe he deserves to make it into the social media post? Furthermore, when your family and friends see an engagement ring pop up on their feed, their next question will be- “Who’s the lucky guy?!”

With your fiancee

4. Blur the Background

You can edit your photo in a way where the focus is on one object. Sometimes people blur the background and feature the ring itself. This kind of photo is sometimes the favorite of a girl who is a little bit more private but still wants to share the exciting news. (Photo credit: @kayl_danielle)

Blur the background

5. Action Shot

When your fiancée slides the ring onto your finger, a photo will surely be taken. In the midst of the action, the look on your face will be priceless. This scene will contain the excitement and romance of the special moment! (Don’t worry, you can always retake this one).

Action shot