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3 is Better Than 1

Most people who are looking for an engagement ring are looking for a ring with one main, center stone. Then there are those who actually look for a ring with three stones. Perhaps they feel that one diamond is simply not enough? Let’s discuss the three stone ring. This style has gained more and more popularity over the years as people look for alternatives to the traditional solitaire style that has been around for many years. A three stone ring is one way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The three stone ring allows for much variety. Some prefer that all three stones be the same shape while some prefer that the middle stone is one shape while the others are a different shape. Some prefer a halo around some or all of the three stones. Some prefer the three stones to be without any other details on the ring. There are even some three stone rings that have various colored diamonds or even other gemstones surrounding the middle stone. Most want to preserve the tradition of having a diamond engagement ring but also want some color to express themselves. This style has a spectrum of possibilities. This is a style that is commonly customized to meet specific requests. If you appreciate many details, the three stone ring might be just right for you.

Another reason people are drawn to the three stone ring is because of the symbolism. Some say the three stones represent the past, present and future of the couple’s relationship. Another common representation is friendship, love and fidelity. The ring gains meaning with the story and personality of the couple involved. After all, the engagement ring is reflective of the love between two people. This ring is purchased as an engagement ring but is also purchased as an upgrade, celebrating anniversaries later on. Just because there are three diamonds does not necessarily mean the three stone ring is more expensive than any other ring. If you are drawn to the many attributes of the three stone ring, you may want to look into it further…

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Leo Diamond Engagement Ring 7/8 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold

Leo Diamond Engagement Ring 7/8 ct tw 14K White Gold