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Leo Diamond Couple Feature – Leanne and Dave

For the entire month of August, the folks at The Leo Diamond® took to their social media accounts to ask Leo followers to share their special proposal stories. The response was overwhelming and delightful! There’s truly nothing better than hearing about people’s exciting engagements and fond memories. I had the privilege to talk to one particular couple, Leanne and Dave from the U.K., and learned all about their Leo Diamond story.

How did you two meet?

Leanne: I first knew of Dave because he lived near the stables I used to ride at in his village. We eventually met properly through mutual friends.

How long have you been together?

Leanne: Dave and I were together for 7 years before he asked my Father’s permission to marry me. He popped the question on our 7-year relationship anniversary!

What do you love most about your partner?

Leanne: I love that he is kind, loving, funny, and is a fantastic daddy to our 2 children.

Dave: I love that she is beautiful, funny, and a caring, loving partner.

Now tell me all about the proposal!

ShiningLeanne: It was our 7-year dating anniversary, and I thought he had gone off to work like any normal night shift. In actual fact he went to buy fireworks for our proposal.

So, there I am thinking he’s at work, and I start to get our children ready for bed. Suddenly, all of this banging starts going off outside the front window. My little one starts shouting “Mum there’s something happening on our drive!”

I run to the front door to find it’s locked (where my partner is on one knee at the other side of the door) so I run to our window, open it and start shouting “What’s going on and why are you not at work?”

There Dave is, still on one knee asking me to marry him with a candy ring (as Dave knew I only ever wanted one certain Leo ring and he didn’t want to get it wrong). I just burst into tears and said yes, of course. With that, the fireworks stopped and I found the key for the door and let him in.

The plan was to have candles all lit near the door, with the fireworks going off behind him (we watched fireworks when we first became “official”). Then for me to open the door, and for him to be there on one knee. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but I would not change it for the world. It’s a brilliant memory – one I will never forget. It’s also a great story to tell people when they ask how he proposed!

Dave: Well, the story goes pretty much just like Leanne said. But, for me the difference was trying to make it all happen in the right way. I was rushing around for the fireworks at the same time I asking her father’s permission. I even had to park our car down the street because I knew if I parked nearby, Leanne would recognize the noise of our car straight away. I was a little bit nervous but more excited.

It didn’t quite end up as planned, but that doesn’t make me feel bad. It really just made it spot-on because it made for a good laugh, and we both love a good laugh. Leanne prefers a good giggle now and then, rather than the over-the-top romantic things in life. I was also in my scruffy work clothes so the romantic side would’ve already been a failed start if I was heading for that type of proposal (haha!).

Don’t get me wrong, we have our romantic moments… but we also love to make each other laugh and smile – and that’s just what happened.

What was your ring buying process like?

Dave: I actually bought a candy ring for my proposal. I knew Leanne wanted a certain Leo ring, and always had her heart set on it. I wanted us to be able to go to pick out her actual ring together. I knew Leanne being able to pick out the ring herself would make it extra exciting – and then it would be the perfect ring too.

Once I proposed and Leanne said yes, we went off to see Vicky, The Leo Specialist in the Ernest Jones store. She helped Leanne find just what she wanted with her clarity, colour, carat weight, setting & material for the band. Vicky searched all of the UK stores to find the Leo diamond best able to match Leanne’s requests.

When the ring and certificate were ready for pickup, Leanne was actually a bit under the weather, but there was no way that was stopping her from collecting her Leo. She was over-the -moon with it, and she still is today. That makes me very happy too.

How did you first discover The Leo?

PackagingDave: I first discovered the Leo when Leanne and I had been with each other for a little while. We were out shopping together. Leanne was browsing one of the Ernest Jones windows when I asked what she was looking at. Leanne then said to me, “I love Leos. If I ever got a chance to get married, I would want my own Leo as my ring.”

That’s when I made my promise, and said that if one day, we are the ones to get married, I would get her a Leo. I kept my promise.

Why did you choose a Leo?

Dave: Leanne had done so much research on The Leo Diamond, and loved the quality, brightness, and shine of The Leo. Not once throughout our relationship did she ever say anything about wanting something else.

Plus, Leo comes packaged in the most beautiful way. It made everything extra special, and just what you want to see when the item means so much to you.

I am happy I chose The Leo because it’s the promise I made all that time ago. It has meaning to both of us. Every time I see the Leo on her finger, it reminds me of great moments that put smiles on our faces.

How cute is Dave and Leanne’s story? I loved hearing all about their adorable and hilarious proposal! Special thanks to the couple for sharing their story with us.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity